Fanouts/Breakouts are fiber-optic cables, which at one or both end have a fiber-optic splitter for every single fibers. These fibers are additionally protected by outer tube, which allows them to be terminated with each type of fiber optic connectors.

It is a very economical solution that allows you to reduce the time you need to set up a connection, as well as costs by eliminating the need for welding.

  • production without glue - higher resistance to external factors
  • each tail of fan-out with unique labelling (markers, flags, labels, color code)
  • additional tube for better protection also as a haul (pulling device)
  • dedicated for CATV - pigtail installation doesn?t affect on twisting cable
  • length of tails with an accuracy +/- 2 mm, cascade od connectors are available
  • different diameter of fan-out pigtail 900?, 1.6mm, 2.0mm
  • fan-out in two configurations, inside and/or outside destination
  • Low attenuation (No splices)
  • using fan-out in investment reduces costs




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