OM5 for Data Center in Cellco !

Transfer speed of data increased from 10G/40G and now exceeds 100G in modern Data Center solutions. Cellco produces and supplies preterminated cables based on OM5 fiber.

We are offering patchcords, modules with LC and MTP® connectors.

What is OM5?

OM5 is modern fiber used for 100G transmission based on SWDM technology.

Why OM5 from Cellco?

4 in 1 fiber with same size and shape

- Uses 4wavelengths at the same time

-  Active transmission of signals between 840nm and 953 nm

-  Can reach aplication of Ethernet 200G/400G using 8-fibers cable WBMMF

-  Reduces total cost of reaching high capacity transmission

- Offers compatibility with older OM fibers (mode bandwidth for OM5 is exactly the same as OM4 for wavelength 850nm: 4700 MHz•km)

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