WALL BOX - wall mounted

Wall Box family is a wall-mounted cabinets. It is used for up to 48 fiber optics connectors.

Wall Box?s can be placed in every location because of it?s weight and size.

Main advantage is the ease of inserting and mounting fiber optic cables and intuitive internal fiber managements.

Wall Box24/Wall Box48

  • Lockable doors by lock, easy and smart access
  • WallBox48 available in two options: 1 door and 2 doors
  • superior cable and pigtails management through the use of bend radius control at all cable exits and strain relief protection
  • available pre-loaded with any industry-standard adapter
  • ports numbered for identification
  • 1,5mm steel finished powder painting RAL 7035 (gray); Other colors as a n option


WALL BOX 24, 48, 48 2D
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